Ernest Larbi Budu

Ernest Larbi Budu is a contemporary Ghanaian artist. Growing up as the only artist in his family and in a town where art wasn’t well-received by the majority. This did not stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a professional artist. After receiving a degree in Art Education, he works as a creative art teacher while exploring his painting ideas and style on canvas.

He works on a variety of themes which includes abstract concepts, landscapes, flora and fauna, portrait, culture and life struggles in Africa. His unique technique seeks to explore the phenomenon of wild colour effect.

Inspired by the simplicity and the complexity of bright colours in nature and their effect on the human soul, his works are full of dramatic and vibrant colours in a way that excites and engage the viewer. He also incorporates Ghanaian cultural symbols and artefacts like the African mask, Traditional Adinkra symbols into his paintings to reveal his cultural identity and root.

From his own words: I allow the brush, pallet strokes and colours to move with respect to the form and shape of my subject. The fascinating outcome of my paintings is a power that directly influences the viewer’s soul and therapeutically enhancing positive emotions.
He believes art is the expression of emotions of the soul than a mere imitation of nature.

He often paints portraits of children and women in Africa revealing their hopes, aspirations, sensations and the contours of their life struggles emanating from living in the African space. His hope is that people enjoy the beauty and the inspiration of his creation.


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